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Dark Dark Dark

In Concert/EP on April 27, 2010 at 2:21 am

It’s impossible not to like these people: they’re all adorable. You’ll have a crush on them all. You can see them as children–you can see that creativity still there.

“Something For Myself,” with the repetition, I dance like this, is haunting. It might put you in a trance–the kind of meditative moment that brings clarity: five minutes of stillness. These songs dance like this: between mariachi, choral ballad and meditation. These are melancholy songs–nice things in minor keys. Ordinary sadness and love spiked with pride and regret and brightness. Small lights in vast, dark rooms. There’s nothing small about the sound, though–it takes over–trumpet, clarinet, piano, upright bass, drums, and that unforgettable accordion. On stage, between songs, they’re quiet and smiley. In Bloomington, IN, at The Bishop, they’re surrounded by locals, sipping pints, shaking hands, dodging the spring downpour. The band members don’t explain their songs or go on and on about their tour; instead, they playfully argue about whether or not toucan Sam is a toucan or a parrot. The EP “Bright Bright Bright” might loop over and over–the trance might set in for good.

-Micah Ling

Bright Bright Bright EP

  1. I'm excited for this — downloaded and ready for my Raleigh-Chicago flight today.

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