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Of the Blue Colour of the Sky by OK Go

In Album on May 12, 2010 at 1:54 am

The difference between songs on this album is remarkable. Like reading a book that switches genres. But in a good and non-confusing way. It’s like wandering though Chicago: seeing so many angles in one city block. Rock, punk, funk, disco, techno, folk, robo-groove. “This Too Shall Pass” may be in the ilk of “We are the Champions.” Run to it. Drive to it. Turn it up louder. No, really: even louder. “WTF?” somehow delivers sounds you’ve never heard: the kind of song that makes you wonder how it was even made. With instruments that don’t exist. This album says the things you want to say: the things you wish you had the guts to say. The things everyone wants to hear. Desperate desire, and a hell of a lot of dancing. Things are more complicated than they seem, which means it’s really working. So much of this is tied to light and color. So much reflects spectrums crossing: overlapping, new colors. I went walking down on Second Street through the leaves and the clutter. In the pale yellow sodium light, nothing has any color. But what in the world doesn’t come back to light? What doesn’t come back to finding new colors?

-Micah Ling


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