Reviews in 200 Words

My Morning Jacket (concert)

In Concert on May 26, 2010 at 7:41 am

The sun isn’t even down and My Morning Jacket is already on stage, skirting the neighborhood-mandated early curfew. Despite the North
 Carolina humidity, singer Jim James is wrapped in a purple cape. He’s
 hunched over what looks like a child’s toy – something a baby would
 pound on palms open. His voice is nimble, climbing cathedral-high,
 weaving like a copperhead through the plucky melody.

 One of the last sheds in America not saddled by a corporate logo, the
 Booth Amphitheatre in Cary, NC is a proper city park. It’s wooded, 
intimate and an architectural marvel – nestled as it is among the
 hard woods and loblollies. You don’t even mind when a tree trunk blocks 
your view.

 And MMJ is killing it, filling the night with funk and blues and
 chicken-fried rock and roll. They’re wound tension and then wholesale
 chaos – like a hornet nest someone threw a rock at. You want a biscuit
 with butter and honey. You want to remember the light show painting
 the pines. James pulls an orange squirt gun from a holster on his waist, points 
it skyward. You want to wave a pistol too – pull the trigger and
 believe the bullets won’t return to earth.

-Jay Cullis


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