Reviews in 200 Words

Drakkar Sauna

In Concert on June 2, 2010 at 6:10 am

No doubt, these guys will make you smile: they’ll probably make you laugh out loud, maybe uncontrollably for a while. They’re funny guys, in the smartest way possible: witty and cool. Sometimes silly. My heart has been replaced by a hive of bees. Now I’m the honey that no one eats. Then all of the sudden you realize they’ve pretty much pegged emotion, relationships, reactions. Tell me that you miss me. After hearing this lyric over and over, it sticks: everyone wants to be missed. This pair of brothers played The Bishop on a sticky May night in Bloomington, Indiana, opened by another pair of brothers, Busman’s Holiday. The thing about brothers (or, at least these two sets of brothers), is that they sound perfect together–harmony seems natural and obvious. Their instruments are modified so that they can play several sounds at once: seemingly impossible beats and combinations for two people. An oddly perfect convergence of folk and rap, old-time waltz and modern-day ballad. These guys make you wonder why we have to grow up: why we have to stop being silly and raunchy and clever. The answer is, of course, we don’t. 


Drakkar Sauna 


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