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Blood Bank EP, Bon Iver

In EP on June 24, 2010 at 6:17 pm

The songs on this EP will put you under a spell. The last song, “Woods,” is a slow, steady mantra: I’m up in the woods, I’m down on my mind. I’m building a still, to slow down the time. It’s multi-layered, voice on top of voice, synthesized. It goes on and on and changes every time. And when it does end, you will have meditated–you will have released any and all clutter. Everything will be simple and calm: still. “Blood Bank,” has a narrative that’s so odd it makes perfect sense: a blood bank could be sexy and significant in so many ways. These aren’t the stories you hear in most songs: they’re complicated and risky. They’re short films. They’ve got characters and situation. They give warnings and advice: mostly, it’s to relax, enjoy, take in. It makes sense that this is considered “extended play,” because it’s unlike anything else: outtakes you like more than the feature film. Bloopers that are eerily stark and telling. Footnotes that explain it all. It’s been a long day or week or life: it’s been full of concentration–it’s been draining. Blood Bank might revive, might add new color.

Bon Iver/Jagjaguwar


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