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Forgiveness Rock Record by Broken Social Scene

In Album on June 30, 2010 at 1:04 pm

If a band is like a marriage does a solo record equate to taking time off? Does that ever work for a relationship? Because it seems to have worked for Broken Social Scene. For the past decade they’ve rode the currents of their individual sounds, only to come back together every few years to produce a tremendous album. Recent outing Forgiveness Rock Record is no less miraculous.

It shouldn’t work, this aural polygamy. It should implode upon its own enormity, crumpling under the weight of so many interests and egos (sometimes the band roster numbers in the high teens). Every song sounds like a different band, and yet somehow it all holds together. Layer upon layer, towers of sound collapsing on each other – styles expanding and colliding and mating with each other. The album trips along at a happy clip. One moment the sails are filled – the next everything falls to pieces like a digital ship springing leaks. You can hear the moorings stretching, the hull creaking – so many people on stage, so many instruments and voices. Then suddenly we’re in another song, afloat again. Another band. Another crack at it. It can’t work this time, it just can’t.

-Jay Cullis 


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