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Brothers by The Black Keys

In Album on July 6, 2010 at 6:56 pm
These guys pull off Isaac Hayes’ “Never Gonna Give You Up.” And it sounds like Memphis. That alone is a pretty good review. But there’s a lot more here. These songs jump from Motown to hip-hop seamlessly. It makes sense that Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have ventured out to do solo work and other projects (BlakRoc), but it makes more sense that they returned to do this. This is traditional blues and retro psychedelic, it makes you want to chant and snap along and never hear the end. “Howlin’ For You,” is a pep-rally chant and motorcycle gang set free to the road. It’s the reason your stereo goes up that loud. These guys are from Akron, Ohio? That doesn’t seem quite right. Tennessee maybe, even Austin or Chicago, but Akron? “Everlasting Light” is packed with so many stellar metaphors it doesn’t seem fair. Your love is the coal that makes this train go. Plus, it’s like doo-wop and Prince and the White Stripes all tangled up. The whole thing could be a soundtrack for a wacked-out Western, Tarantino film. One that hasn’t been written, but should be. One that would be talked about. One with a cult following. 

-Micah Ling

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