Reviews in 200 Words

Outright Liar at the South Park Tavern, Dayton, OH 7/13/10

In Concert on July 28, 2010 at 12:55 pm

There’s a little surf-rock and a lot of Guided by Voices. The harmonies testify to chemistry. The quick changes make them sound more seasoned than any band just getting their wings deserves to sound.
The melodies are high-strung and staccato. It’s gritty and twangy and the rhythms change and explode and glide through styles like an old beater cruising out of the sunset cornfields and into abandoned Ohio downtowns. The streetlights cast an orange glow. Your fingers smell like cigarettes and pizza. It’s hot, but it’s summer and that’s okay.
It’s ragged stuff, but Outright Liar are making the most of it at the South Park Tavern in Dayton. They’re calling up ghosts and singing about what high school looks like from here, fifteen years later. Can it be that long ago?

The Delirium Tremens casts a nauseous glow on the rippling light show across the ceiling, but the dizziness might just be contagious. This is a band trying their best to make good music. They’re cranking out originals. They’re doing Kim Deal covers. They’re resurrecting songs they wrote a decade ago. They’re screaming and jumping up and down and apologizing. They’re succeeding. 

-Jay Cullis


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