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Kings of Leon/Black Keys Concert: Indianapolis

In Concert on September 9, 2010 at 3:25 am

Fall is finally within sight. It’s cool and breezy in Indiana as the sun sets and the Black Keys begin to rock. These guys are from Akron, Ohio and hide it well. They’re jamming and the crowd is with them, but the screens aren’t on yet–it’s still too light out–and they seem very much like an opening act. An opening act that impresses but doesn’t overwhelm. Tasteful, sharp; almost on the side of boxed. And then the show starts. Verizon Wireless isn’t sold-out, but by now, it’s pretty much packed. There are fireworks and a wall of lights extracted from old cars. It feels like a rock concert should feel. Caleb Followill looks like a rock-star should look. They feature new songs right away: from their upcoming release (October 19), “Sundown.” New songs tend not to go over so well at concerts–people want to sing along, they want to cheer for their favorites. True tonight as well, but the new ones make an impression–they’re soon going to become known. They’ll soon be shouted, off-tune, but that’s okay. This is why we come to concerts: we have in common this appreciation for the drums and the rock and the lyrics about our lives.

-Micah Ling


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