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Hopscotch Music Festival: Night Three (of Three) Recap: The Love Language, No Age, Public Enemy, Balmorhea, NOMO, First Rate People, Megafaun

In Music Festival on September 16, 2010 at 1:07 pm
It was a night like DNA, where every venue, every disparate style combined to breath life into an evening. It grew and evolved by its own accord. The thrill of Hopscotch was that one could leave behind the uninteresting, only to catch unexpected brilliance elsewhere.
Local favorites The Love Language kicked off to a disparate crowd of diehards and Public Enemy fans staking out a spot at the railing. The small crowd devoured the band’s abundant energy, singing along and shouting requests.
The headliners proved to be many things, none of it expected. Preceded by a marching band and a three-woman group delivering ferocious verses, Public Enemy dropped the most entertaining – and surprisingly melodic – set of the weekend.
Two blocks east we landed in the weekend’s quietest venue. There we found Balmorhea swaying like a seaweed forest – a cleansing breath of hushed strings and gentle climax.
Across town again to a dive where First Rate People brought their innocent, singsongy pop south of the Canadian border for the first time. Then to Kings to catch Megafaun’s capacity set: the final, most engaging, bleary, joyful and riotous moments of a long, exhausting – and ultimately promising – weekend in Raleigh.

-Jay Cullis


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