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‘+’ Wise Blood

In EP on September 30, 2010 at 1:40 pm
Astute ears say musical collagists like Girl Talk ditch classic chord progressions in favor of cut and paste sampling. They stitch together musical touchstones and obscure segments, repurposing the bits and pieces into a wholly new DNA. It’s an intricate art, requiring an encyclopedic knowledge of … well, the history of music, really.
Wise Blood is flying under the radar, skimming jetsam off the surface of a musical ocean for his(?) own ends. Unsigned and currently distributing a free 5-song EP on a Bandcamp website, there’s little information about the mystery producer behind the music.
But what music it is – speaking for itself in hazy bursts. A stream-of-consciousness rap lilts over a strange sonic landscape. It sounds like the jingles of old TV show themes blended with the stomp of a John Bonham drumline or the “Hey-la!” chorus of The Beatles’ “Hello, Goodbye.” Everything comes from somewhere else – even the artists’ stage name is ripped from the title of a Flannery O’Connor novel.
It’s all rhythm and swagger. “I can’t explain why I shine and no one else shines,” a voice says at the outset of “B.I.G. E.G.O.” It definitely shines – and defies explanation.

-Jay Cullis

Wise Blood



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