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Love the Way You Lie: Eminem (featuring Rihanna)

In Singles Week: Life on Shuffle on November 1, 2010 at 6:17 pm

You don’t have to be in a fire to appreciate its power: its heat. But, maybe it helps. This song gets at the very core of anger–the part of every crime that we can relate to–the fear that we could do that, we could all do that, and release something disguised as good, for a moment. Perhaps this song is on the verge of controversial, but don’t buy that. Eminem and Rihanna are as much condoning a man beating the shit out of a woman as Marilyn Manson is condoning massacre. We are attracted to the villain because, as much as we like to think that goodness and mercy are the ultimate traits, they’re not very exciting. Villains have all the fun. Liberation from anger and pain satisfies the core. Smashing things, lighting fire, causing damage–this is animalistic. Eminem makes us like violence just enough to scare us a bit–just enough to make us wonder why we get off on this song so much. Denying that the urge to feel pain can be attractive is denying that ache and vulnerability are with us all the time—that we’re prone to react and protect and hate, as much as love.

-Micah Ling 


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