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Sex Karma (featuring Solange Knowles): Of Montreal

In Singles Week: Life on Shuffle on November 3, 2010 at 12:03 pm

Producing a new sound, or, perhaps even a new genre of sound these days is about as difficult as coming up with an entirely new set of tastes: a meal that cannot be compared to anything you’re used to eating. It’s still food, still music, but somehow it combines everything you’ve ever known about consumption into one remarkably clean affair. This tends to be called, “experimental,” but “experimental,” sounds like bland dots of unidentifiable mush on a plate. This is meaty, spicy, playful. This is Prince and Weezer and Modest Mouse and The Magnetic Fields on a plate. “Sex Karma” shifts right into “Girl Named Hello,” in a way that gives two versions, or one huge course. You look like a playground to me, reassures you that this is play: these guys are having fun. They reassure that we shouldn’t take anything too seriously, especially not sex or life or each other. This song defines the album: a dialogue of what’s important: things that make you feel good, people who make you want to be alive–who nourish and comfort and fill.

-Micah Ling


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