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Alice in Chains: Alice in Chains, 1995

In Album (Throw-back) on November 11, 2010 at 3:43 pm

Remember that dog? Remember Layne Staley’s addiction to heroin? Remember how many times you played “Heaven Beside You,” and felt a little evil about it–but in a good way? “Alice in Chains” certainly nails despair; kind of makes you want to relive your growing-up years, right? For all the loneliness and lessons in disappointment that came with them? Maybe not; but damn if this isn’t the album to do them to. This was the age of grunge: rebellion, being your own angry self for a little while. In fact, grunge was sort of the musical discovery of angst. And what is angst if not ultimately the blues? The sound embodies the genre: messy, distorted, fuzzy. Even though this album relies heavily on metal–there’s quite a bit of contrast–there’s varied melody and stretches of acoustic tribute. But with rebellion, new things are usually stumbled upon: listen to “Grind,” “Again,” “Over Now;” there’s liberation here. Alice in Chains will be remembered for their place in grunge/metal history, which tends to be a rather bleak world, but they also gave fairly spiritual instruction, Be what you want to be, see what you came to see. 

Micah Ling


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