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Top Ten Albums of 2010: #8

In Top Ten Albums of the Year: #8 on December 15, 2010 at 3:12 pm
#8 Album of the year:
Jay Cullis:
Panda Bear, “Tomboy” and “You Can Count on Me” singles

We were supposed to get an album by the end of the year. Maybe we still will. Until it drops though, we have these four nuggets of swampy, beat-driven gold from the normally elusive sonic artist. Droning guitars, skittering beats, echoplexes of harmonic voices. Yeah, this is Panda Bear. Unmistakable.
But even while maintaining his signature sound, something more focused is evolving – a tightening at the ragged edges. “Slow Motion” sounds like a dance party at Bowser’s castle. “Alsatian Darn” weaves a minimalist sewing machine rhythm. Beats don’t just drop in Panda Bear songs – they grab until catching hold, dragging you into the fray.


Micah Ling:
Of Montreal, “False Priest”

This album almost necessitates a road-trip: it is a soundtrack. Sure, it brings to mind Prince and Bowie, with their drama and epic sounds, but added to that, there’s a heightened wit—even humor—that might make you laugh out loud. There are characters and narratives—people you might not want to know well, but would at least like to meet. There is so much energy here that you might get worn out: this album is like the perfect weekend. You couldn’t live like this everyday, or, if you did, it wouldn’t be so great. Recover, and then listen again.
Key Tracks: “Sex Karma,” “Girl Named Hello,” and “Coquet Coquette.”

Stay tuned all week (and next!) Jay and Micah will count down their favorite albums of the year…


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