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Top Ten Albums of 2010: #7

In Top Ten Albums of the Year: #7 on December 16, 2010 at 1:43 pm

# 7 Album of the year:
Jay Cullis:

Gonja Sufi, “A Sufi and a Killer”

What will future generations see when they look back on this decade about to end? Over-produced Katy Perry-pop? Mop topped tweens ruling the charts? Even as unrepresented cultures gain footholds in the musical, political, and social worlds, we’re increasingly beset by cultural tripe. Shame.
Gonja Sufi is an under-the-radar alchemist, mixing styles in search of the golden compound. With Mexican and Ethiopian roots, his music sounds like it’s played through a shitty stereo in a hookah bar. Still the beat triumphs. The rhythms are infectious and the voices ghostly – perhaps haunted by the detritus pushing it to the bottom of the musical ocean.
Key Tracks: “Kowboyz & Indians,” “Cobwebs,” “She Gone”


Micah Ling:
Mumford & Sons, “Sigh No More”
Hopefully you knew of this band before they got radio-famous; because they were just the kind of band that was fun to know before they were big…mostly so that you could be in the crowd that got to say, See??! And if you’re in that crowd, you probably fell in love with one song at a time. You probably couldn’t believe that you could fall in love with every song on an album in such a way. Maybe it felt like young-love, puppy-love. The way you used to buy music and kind of be jealous of it–kind of want to be it. 

Key Tracks: “Little Lion Man,” “Awake My Soul,” and “The Cave”


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