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Top Ten Albums of 2010: #4

In Top Ten Albums of the Year: #4 on December 21, 2010 at 1:29 pm

#4 Album of the Year: 
Micah Ling:
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, “III/IV”

As usual, this man makes you ache. This double album has quite a bit of variety—but most of it will slug you in the stomach a little. Adams constantly makes you realize how good he is at what he does: every story here is yours. We fool ourselves all the time about what we know and what we don’t. And usually, we don’t know much. You were never mine and I was never yours; I was never here at all. These songs force imagination—keep singing them in your mind all day, all year.
Key Tracks: “Candy,” “Happy Birthday,” “Ultraviolet Light.”
Jay Cullis:
Beach House, “Teen Dream,”
 Beach House used to soundtrack solitary walks through frozen forests. With “Teen Dream,” the purveyors of cloudy dispositions attempt to melt their sound into something warm(er) – something that pays off on their summertime name. Every song here is a winner – joyful without being sentimental, moody without being grim. Tracks boil and burst, obscuring the reality that only two people are making this simple, powerful music. For a band flying under the mainstream radar, Beach House is aiming at the sun, reaching new heights without fear of a fall.
Key Tracks: “Walk in the Park,” “Zebra”


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