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"The King of Limbs" by Radiohead.

In Album on February 23, 2011 at 11:41 am

Is this even an album? Or a cultural event in disguise? Are we even listening? It’s hard to hear the music over all the noise.

One thing’s certain: The band got what they wanted. Their collective fan experience brought us all together for a global listening party. And for a moment – 37.4 minutes according to iTunes – we were quiet. We listened. And then we formed opinions.

The last time around the band reminded us we were living in the 21st century. So where are we now? What’s our status? We’re surely sharing ourselves: every minute of the day documented. Every thought expressed. Every picture of every baby sent out into the ether to reside in perpetuity. What remains in the vacuum left behind when everything’s turned digital? A newspaper album? A global, simultaneous experience? A million tiny hands reaching out to pluck eight mp3s off the branches of the internet?

Good or bad, musical paradigm shift or no, this is why Radiohead is integral. We need more questions – more provocation and less telling. What you think doesn’t matter, but make your point anyway. Somewhere behind all the talking, sharing, liking, and commenting is something you’ve never heard before. Listen.

– Jay Cullis


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