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The Low Anthem: Lincoln Hall ("Smart Flesh")

In Album/Concert on March 2, 2011 at 2:15 pm
Thanks to the phenomenon of Itunes and Emusic, it may seem like the album is dead; The Low Anthem would like to argue otherwise. “Smart Flesh” fits together like a collection of poems; in fact, at Lincoln Hall, Ben Knox Miller suggested that the title song of the album is like “the black hole that the rest of the songs fall into.” And it’s true. These songs do something together. Sure, “Ghost Woman Blues” could probably be played on repeat for an entire day, or week, or month without losing its haunting beauty, but really, matched with “Apothecary Love,” and “Wire,” and “Matter of Time,” and all the rest, it really is like consuming a complete meal. In Chicago, on a Monday night, the crowd is low-key and enlightened to what they’re in for. Some of us remember these guys when they were playing in a trailer outside of Nashville, TN, to a crowd of 5 or 6. Before they toured with Ray LaMontagne, or Lucinda Williams or The Avett Brothers. But the thing they haven’t lost is their absolute sick love for the instruments. They rotate around the stage like dancers: they can each do so much. And with every song, things come together in a way that seems just orchestrated

-Micah Ling


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