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"Kiss Each Other Clean" by Iron & Wine

In Album on May 25, 2011 at 11:24 am

Do what you can to see the cinema in this album–there’s plot here, and a whole cast of odd characters. It seems important to note that Samuel Beam earned his degrees in painting and film. There’s a sort of jazz in these songs that reminds you of really being immersed in a film, or a painting. And Beam seems interested in storytelling, or, stories in general. “Me and Lazarus” basically pokes fun at the fact that the story of a person being brought back from the beyond was never really finished. “Tree by the River” is your story–it’s everyone’s. It’s all that stuff that you remember about someone–that really significant stuff that doesn’t mean anything to anyone else. The little things that person said. The days you spent together. Time isn’t kind or unkind, you liked to say, but I wonder to who, what it is you’re saying today. Beam kills it; he nails the feeling the way a film does—when you walk out and feel like, “damn, that was about me.” The whole thing together is like a soundtrack. It rocks out a bit, and is full of sexy people—keep watching.  

-Micah Ling

Click here to download this week’s official Beat Jab Podcast, featuring Iron & Wine’s album, “Kiss Each Other Clean.” 


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