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Bon Iver: Bon Iver

In Album on June 15, 2011 at 3:59 am

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There’s something about the songs on this album that might reduce you to tears, every time. Not just once—not just that time you get to, by good fortune, hear Justin Vernon live and are feeling a bit emotional anyway; no, every time. The music is overcoming—overwhelming. The falsetto, the way the percussion comes in, the way the sound engulfs you like the first time you heard a whole choir of perfect voices—that power that you just don’t want to stop. Hair on end, pain in gut; this stuff demands full attention. And by now, Vernon has gotten quite a bit of attention, but—it seems—he’s still doing his thing. Despite going from meager cabin in Wisconsin to recording with Kanye in Hawaii, this album is still that naked sound—that shot of something condensed and strong. Somehow rustic and refined at once. You get the feeling (or maybe, you hope to god) that Vernon is going to be one of those artists who can continue to be unique even if he is giant; like Dylan and Prine. This album plays a little more with sound in general—distortions, the emphasis of a single note or beat. He reduces, he strips away, and he leaves us with what we really are.
Bon Iver
-Micah Ling 
  1. Dude! How the F did you get a copy of the album early?! Are you like Rolling Stone now? Nice. I'm SO envious. It's not fair! Micah gets all the cool stuff! I want a pony!

  2. Great review, Micah. I've been stoked about this album for weeks now. From the very first riff of the album, I thought, “Holy shit,” and the way the first song builds and builds to the end. After that first song, I had to hit stop and breathe a moment. I was afraid Vernon might lose his charm without a cabin in Wisconsin and a story of retreat. I was really, really glad this album didn't disappoint.

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