Reviews in 200 Words

Sleigh Bells, "Treats"

In Album on July 20, 2011 at 4:12 pm

These songs could soundtrack an energy drink commercial. Or a late-night drive in a 120 mph Maserati. You pass a street fight. Windows down. The air is humid and thick. Electrical storms roll overhead, a low purple rumble. The drums sound like trash cans lining a brick alley. Voices echo and swoop like fighter jets. They have their target and they are closing in. The beats tromp like a diplodocus through a musty swamp. This is the ecstatic. We’re speaking in tongues, fondling rattlesnakes. Preaching the garage gospel: the obsequies of oil and gasoline and acetone cleaner. The guitars are switchblade sharp. Whip ‘em out, let’s see what you got. Rusty shards of sheet metal hit the pavement. Sweat beads on the brow. This is heavy lifting. Don’t throw your back out. It’s industrial strength. Mechanical and precise. This is a propane tank filled to capacity, exploding. Shrapnel and fire. Blue and white flames – flames like liquid ballooning into the night. Hold your breath as it overtakes you. Don’t get too close. Make sure you wear gloves and protective eyewear.

~ Jay Cullis

Click here to subscribe to the official Beat Jab Podcast. This week we take a look at tracks from Sleigh Bells 2010 album, “Treats.”


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