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Trainer Tracks 2: Chemical Brothers, "Galvanize"

In Trainer Track on August 3, 2011 at 12:36 pm

Exercise and music have gone hand in hand since the days when Jane Fonda ruled the VCR. Exercise — running especially — lends itself to listening. Music urges us on, keeps us going, sets our pace. With that in mind, Beat Jab Reviews introduces a new feature: “Trainer Tracks.” Now and again we’ll give you 100 words about songs we think you should be on your workout playlist. This week Micah Ling suggests lacing up the running shoes and hitting the road to the sounds of the Chemical Brothers’ song “Galvanize.”

Everything about this track amps you up—things seem to be at stake. Colossal feats could happen if this is your driving force. Most of us need a little encouragement to really get things going. Q-Tip is featured here, as the Brothers do their thing with the strings. The sounds ricochet around and dare you to keep up. Plus, it’s more than 6-minutes long, so, endure. Maybe you’ll repeat it a few times, maybe you’ll carve some time off of your miles, maybe you’ll just keep going. Pay attention: don’t hold back.

~ Micah Ling

Click here to subscribe to the official Beat Jab podcast. This week we’re featuring the Chemical Brothers tune “Galvanize.”


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