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Summer Concert Round-up

In Concert on August 16, 2011 at 11:07 pm

Fear not! Summer is NOT over…we’re just preparing for fall shows and thought we’d catch you up on what we’ve seen so far in Indiana with our SUMMER CONCERT ROUND-UP…

Iron and Wine/The Head and The Heart: The Vogue, Indianapolis

Unbelievably, Iron and Wine was less than awesome. Sure, the sound sucked and the crowd was hot and chatty, but the band just didn’t battle it out the way you hope they always will. The Head and The Heart opened strong, but even they kept it safe. So much depends upon venue and crowd.

Those Darlins/The Hollows: Radio Radio, Indianapolis

Radio Radio is always a tough place to play: people seem to be there just to hang out–sometimes even act like the music is in the way–but these bands held their own. This is where Justin Townes Earle got into a fight and was thrown in jail. But tonight was different, way different. This is what local music is about–musicians working their asses off and loving it. Or, appearing to. They earned respect.

Steve Earle: Buskirk-Chumley, Bloomington

Steve Earle always acts like today is his second chance at life; and sometimes, most times, that’s a pretty good way to look at things. These guys played and played, and while they looked a little awkward on stage, like they were using as much space as possible just because it was there, the show still rocked, and rocked, and rocked.

Bon Iver/The Rosebuds: The Murat, Indianapolis

There’s no way around this: best show ever. Justin Vernon was either acting really well, or was just in love with this crowd. The fans were silent when they were supposed to be and roaring when necessary. Every moment of this was like fireworks. The Rosebuds earned their keep, but at the end of the night, everyone kind of just wanted Bon Iver to do it all again.

Fort Frances (David McMillin): Radio Radio, Indianapolis

David McMillin looks Amish; but, head-banging Amish. They covered Radiohead’s “Karma Police;” really well. McMillin kept saying that they had been on touring for a while, but they sure didn’t seem tired. Things started late, and they rallied the crowd with so much energy that time drifted away.

The Head and The Heart: Earth House Collective, Indianapolis

The Decemberists canceled the show that The Head and The Heart were supposed to open for…the morning of. These guys scrambled a gig together with the good help of Indianapolis fans, and people showed up. This old church was packed and sweaty and pumped-up. They certainly out-did their performance with Iron and Wine. They genuinely belted it out.

Simon Flory, Lazy Daze Coffe House, Indianapolis

When a guy tells you he sold his truck and his pistol in order to put his record out…well, you might as well listen a while. And when it’s Simon Flory, it’s worth it. He’s young, but he’s already seen some things, and learned how to pick a banjo, and just about anything else you can imagine. This is summertime in the Midwest.


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