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Footloose: OST

In Album, podcast, Soundtrack on August 31, 2011 at 7:59 am

We here at Beat Jab (along with our sister site Book Punch) would like to introduce the newest member of our 200-word review family:  Film Hook. Headed up by Ben Glass, Film Hook features 200-word film reviews every Friday. Visit the new site at! And in honor of the new film site, this week Jay Cullis is taking a look at the official soundtrack to the classic 80’s dance party, “Footloose.”

You were a little boy waiting for mom to come back out from the dry cleaners, listening in the back seat while the tape played. Or you were a housewife turning up Kenny Loggins’ silky voice in your Walkman headphones, trying to drown out the sound of the vacuum. Maybe you were in college, driving your dad’s Mustang with the 8-track. If you were born before 1980 there is a good chance that the songs on the “Footloose” soundtrack are seared into your memory. Places and people you thought you’d forgotten come back when you hear these songs again. A catalog of smooth rock, R & B, and a dash of benign heavy metal, the album is more than just a soundtrack to a classic 80s film:  It’s the soundtrack to millions of lives circa 1984. The album sold 9 million according to Billboard – three times as many copies as the top-selling album of 2010. These are iconic songs, calling to mind iconic scenes from an iconic movie. But it’s the memories of our own lives the burn brighter: A first kiss. A report card. An admonishment from a teacher. A first house. A kid. And maybe, a first dance.  ~ Jay Cullis

Click here to download this week’s official Beat Jab Podcast, featuring songs from the Footloose soundtrack!


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