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Father, Son, Holy Ghost by Girls

In Album on September 30, 2011 at 10:21 am

If Marty McFly had been a strung out street kid – instead of a suburban dweeb playing “Johnny B. Goode” at his mom’s senior prom – he might have made the music Girls make. Stressed out and fiending for a fix, Girls are a band fit for a black-eyeshadow “Under the Sea” dance. These co-eds smoke and drink. They’re ambiguous – socially, sexually, meaningfully. Clever turns of phrase abound, but you get the idea whoever this guy’s talking to – they aren’t listening. He rambles and raves, pounding his chest for emphasis. There are some serious jams here. Songs last near ten minutes – way beyond the 2:50 allowed at Sun Records. For those of us who are listening, though, this album is an overwhelming ode to never-found love. The musicality is stunning. Hints of Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Queen, and – yes – The Grateful Dead – are peppered among lyrics pining for, well, just about everything. Mostly girls. Boys too. “Deep, down, real down, crying, how I love that girl.” It teenage, but it’s too knowing to be made by teenagers. “If you would only stay – don’t you know I want you?” We want it, we just don’t know it yet.

-Jay Cullis

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