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Torches, Foster the People

In Album, Concert, podcast on October 7, 2011 at 9:09 am

Don’t dismiss this as techno: it’s not. This is as interesting as The Temper Tramp and Neon Trees and Band of Horses. They’re poppy but they’re also throw-back. You’ll get glimpses of the 70’s disco ball here. Sure, you can dance to this stuff—workout and whatever—but it’s more than just a strong beat. It’s falsetto and electronic and rock, but somehow easy to listen to. The kind of thing you play at a party and have everyone noticeably happy. “Pumped up Kicks” is one of the more popular tracks, but rightfully so: it makes you wait almost too long to get in. And then it gives that narrative that isn’t as cheerful as the beat suggests. Mark Foster is doing things—subtly. It’s no surprise that these guys are almost artificially attractive: synthesized good looks. Of course they fell into fame—they’re the cool kids at school, but, the ones you can’t help liking, can’t help having a crush on. “Miss You,” one of the lesser- played songs on the album, lends itself to a memorable echo-beat that almost loses itself, but then ends starkly for a perfect transition into the final track, “Warrant.” Keep an eye on these guys: how can you not?

-Micah Ling

Check out our review of the Foster the People concert in Indianapolis via NUVO.

Video from the Indianapolis concert.

And of course, the latest podcast via iTunes! 


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