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Long Live the King, The Decemberists

In EP, podcast on November 11, 2011 at 10:37 am

This is, perhaps, the very definition of EP: it’s exactly that—an extension of the ever-popular The King is Dead. The titles even mesh. And the EP is just as likable as the album that came out back in January. The six-track collection starts with a murder ballad—it’s reminiscent of Jack White—it’s old and new at once. “Row Jimmy” is a well-done Grateful Dead cover (is that ironic?) It feels like summer in some out-of-the-way bar, even when you know winter is coming. “I 4 U & U 4 Me” is why The Decemberists are loved—it’s nearly impossible not to just love the sound here—not to want to hear it over and over. “Sonnet” rounds this tight EP out. Traditionally, a sonnet is known to be a “little song:” it tells of some sort of problem and turns toward a solution. If those horns aren’t the solution to whatever sort of problem you may be in the middle of, well, keep reading sonnets—keep listening to this EP. Life has its ups and downs—it’s little struggles that are always littler than they seem. On Spotify, you can listen to Long Live the King and The King is Dead back-to-back. Do that.

-Micah Ling

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