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The Carolinian, The Explorers Club

In EP on November 18, 2011 at 5:13 pm

The Explorers Club is a little bit lounge and a little bit classic—reminiscent of Brian Wilson, for sure. In advance of their album, “Grand Hotel,” (due out in the spring of 2012), The Explorers Club is releasing a trio of EP “suites.” Each EP has three songs: one cover and two original tracks. The Explorers Club is working with Mark Linett, who just finished the mix on Beach Boys’ “SMiLE.” That makes perfect sense. These guys have the Beach Boys’ sound. The first suite, “The Californian,” was released earlier this year; this, the second suite, “The Carolinian,” features the Classics IV hit, “Stormy.” It is so polished—so remarkably close to the familiar sound, but with a new shine. The other two tracks, “Sweet Delights,” and “It’s No Use,” will make you want to go find a sweetheart to waste the rest of the day with. It’s a mild November—breezy and hanging onto autumn. But even if it turns nasty out (and it will), these songs make things all right. They’re short and seemingly familiar. The final suite will be released in December, “The New Yorker.” Where would anyone rather be during the holiday season than New York?

-Micah Ling

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