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Hysterical, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

In Album on December 2, 2011 at 8:42 am

If you visit this band’s website (, you can watch several live performances of the songs on Hysterical; these songs are experiences: they beg to soundtrack your experiences. And maybe that’s what music is becoming: what it should become. We can have music everywhere now—it dictates our commute, our constant background, and in a way that makes life better. But this is true for the musicians, too. That seems to be what this band wants to share. These beats, these melodies, the noises that come together in perfect ways: this is what drives people. This album seems very intimate, even if you’re not watching the live sessions: it seems like sitting in on someone’s life—one that reminds you quite a bit of your own. A life that’s fun and with room to relax—to take note of setting. The band’s name continues to be so fitting. Get comfortable in the scene, or swirl around: this album forces you to take part, to be present. American-Pop-Folk, perhaps, but if it’s any testament that this is just good music—easy to listen to—David Bowie and David Byrne were among the early, dedicated fans. Let this be love.

-Micah Ling

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