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Top Ten of 2011: #10 Wye Oak and Superheavy

In Beat Jab Best of 2011 on December 5, 2011 at 9:23 am

For the second year in a row Beat Jab is making a list and checking it twice. Like last year we are working day by day as our reviewers Micah Ling and Jay Cullis take separate looks at their favorite albums of the year. Come back each weekday from Monday, December 5 through Friday, December 16. And feel free to join in the discussion in the comments. We’d love to hear what our readers think!

#10 Album of the Year:

Jay Cullis:

Wye Oak, “Civilian”

Ebbing and returning on a moment to moment schedule, “Civilian” lets gentle silences boil into big, rickety trains of noise. It’s a mob sound – a clatter all angry, desperate, obnoxious and regretful at once. Pitchforks and torches. Chaining yourself to a radiator. Crying mad. People do stupid things when they’re emotional. They say things they don’t mean. These songs are mistakes. They scream. They’re rumors. And hopes. And sometimes they make sense – sometimes they are beautiful and perfect. Other times they are impossible. Confounding. And they’re better for that – for an unswerving dedication. They’re real. They reach for one more chance.

Micah Ling:

SuperHeavy: “SuperHeavy”

Think what you will about Mick Jagger: he’s been around, he’s had his ups and downs, but his new project is like when you hear about elderly couples—high school sweethearts—who lived entire lives apart, had other relationships, and then finally made it back, together, wholly in love. Jagger seems to be all in with this new thing—like he had been waiting his whole life for it. It’s not just Jagger, of course, Damian Marley, Joss Stone, and A.R. Rahman make for an incredibly unique sound, in a world where unique is getting more and more difficult to stumble upon.

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