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Top Ten of 2011: #9 TV on the Radio and The Head and the Heart

In Beat Jab Best of 2011 on December 6, 2011 at 12:00 pm

We continue today with our Best of 2011…

#9 Album of the Year:

Jay Cullis:

TV on the Radio, “Nine Types of Light”

Nothing wrong with getting funky. Dancing. Moving. Ninja kicks and disco jazz hands. Zumba. Pilates. Air guitar. Air drums. Air sax. Closing your eyes and nodding your head. Running in time, your feet hitting on the two and the four. TV on the Radio can be counted on to do their thing. They let the beat drop. They orchestrate pointillist music that never sounds mechanical. Even their ballads are toe-tappers. This is not headphones music. This is house party turn-it-up music. So quit acting like your don’t like to dance. Shake your hips. Nod your head. Don’t miss the beat.

Micah Ling:

The Head and the Heart: “The Head and the Heart”

The name of this band kind of explains how you come to know them. They are intelligent—they’re well trained musicians, doing something different from what they’ve been compared to. But then, that sound hits you—hard—right in the heart. That feeling can’t really be aptly described—it makes you both want to go faster, and stop entirely. It’s certainly not possible to capture on an album what they do in a packed room of people who have waited and waited to see them, but they come close, for sure.

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