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Top Ten Albums of 2011: #7 Radiohead and Das Racist

In Beat Jab Best of 2011 on December 8, 2011 at 9:29 am

We continue with our Best of 2011…

#7 Album of the Year

Jay Cullis:

Radiohead: “The King of Limbs”

It’s hard to imagine a year where Radiohead puts out an album and it doesn’t make best-of lists. It’s hard to remember this album came out in 2011. Bubbling and frothing, rhythmic, ferocious, precocious – it’s Radiohead doing what they do best. It’s hard to imagine a world without Radiohead. It’s hard to remember that Radiohead got famous with alt-rock hit “Creep.” Like the Voyager spacecraft spinning out into the reaches of the universe, Radiohead are so far away from where they were launched. And yet they remain here:  close to our hearts, in our ears. Haunting and delighting us.

Micah Ling:

Das Racist: “Relax”

These guys started out as all funny; but this is the most intelligent album of the year. These songs are packed with so much—it will take you several times through the entire album before you even begin to hear it all. Hit repeat. Do it again. You’ve got to get these lyrics. They’re hilarious and true. You’ll be bouncing around to them, of course, but damn if they don’t just make you shake your head for all that’s in there. It also might make you rethink genre. It’s synthesized, rap, punk, funk, Indian, hip-hop; it’s tight.

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