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Top Ten Albums of 2011: #3 Radiohead and Girls

In Beat Jab Best of 2011 on December 14, 2011 at 8:02 am

#3 Album of the year

Micah Ling:

Radiohead: “The King of Limbs”

Occasionally, doing something so different is how we know that people are still capable of creating absolute art. “Lotus Flower” went viral on the web largely because Thom Yorke is so weird—the way we all want to be weird—the way we all want to dance: the video is sexy and liberating. Admit it. Some of these sounds are difficult to figure out: some of this is difficult to call music. But it’s overly likeable. Who the hell ever had any fun being normal?

Jay Cullis:

Girls: “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”

It’s heart-wrenching, low down and out-on-the-streets sad. The lyrics sheet reads like ninth-grade English, but the musicianship sells it. It’s Santo & Johnny stuff.  Did you know Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper died in an airplane crash? These guys do. But where the fifties sought subtlety and wholesome fervor, Girls are raw from sitting on the concrete. Paper cup, begging for change. Guitars are plucked, then strummed, then bashed apart on the stage. Drums are kicked over. Microphones are bleeding. You’ll feel it – if only the desire to turn it off – and, hey, that’s something.

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