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Top Ten Albums of 2011: #2 My Morning Jacket and Unknown Mortal Orchestra

In Beat Jab Best of 2011 on December 15, 2011 at 6:23 am

We draw ever close to number one — Beat Jab’s Best of 2011 continues! Check back tomorrow for Micah and Jay’s number one albums of the year!

#2 Album of the year

Micah Ling:

My Morning Jacket: “Circuital”

Right from the start, with “Victory Dance,” this album sets you off on something you’ve never experienced. Not at all. Not even from this band. This is the kind of album fans of a band can’t even know how to hope for. It does some of the things that pervious albums have done, but it’s like a good band went off and saw the world—went and got educated and came back with a far richer sound. Full of new shades of light, and darkness. Trying to choose a favorite track here is difficult—but it almost doesn’t matter—it’s a cycle.

Jay Cullis:

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: “Unknown Mortal Orchestra”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra sound like they crawled out from under a mossy rock. Maybe they forged their instruments in the fires of Mordor and time-traveled to 1967 for lessons from the guys in Cream. These things could all be true. The sound is vinyl-worthy. But it’s remarkably modern too, with melodic sensibilities and lyrical turns that belie the truth of their time. There’s obviously a student/master thing going on here. But is it an homage? A dedication? Hero worship? While we’re all wondering, I have a feeling UMO’s going to keep making some of the coolest music out there.


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