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An Argument With Myself (EP), Jens Lekman (Secretly Canadian)

In Album, Uncategorized on December 21, 2011 at 1:10 pm

Think The Magnetic Fields and Beirut and Beck. This guy is almost certainly charming and silly. I mean, he’s from Sweden: that’s cool. He’s been around the world; he’s worked in a bingo hall. This EP is a little popped up (almost reggae in style) compared to some of the ballads from previous albums. Be honest: most arguments that you have are actually with yourself. “Fuck you, no you fuck you.” Let’s all just say that. For real. Much like The Magnetic Fields, even the goofy songs are rooted in something that stings a bit. These songs are easy to sort of laugh off on first listen, but they echo beyond their first impression. Something that proves he knows what he’s doing. “A Promise” has a little lounge-singer going on, in a way that will make you move your hips. Sometimes it’s almost like he’s mocking himself. He’s got all the talent of a symphony and all the wit of Monte Python. It’s fun to listen to: he’s telling stories–exaggerated real-life. Small talk, gossip, inner monologues, “I’m sorry I’m babbling, hey how was your day?” These songs are short: this is a short commute EP, a getting ready for a night of goofing around thing to play.

-Micah Ling

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