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“The Lion’s Roar,” First Aid Kit

In Album on February 2, 2012 at 8:00 am

These days every band wants to rise above the morass. They employ every gimmick, explore every throwback style, and tread the recently untrodden modes of musical taste. They hope to find something fresh, but the only key unlocking the door to notoriety — however brief — is melody. First Aid Kit have melody in droves. But this buzzed about band has something else in droves — repetition. If anything, the beautiful Americana-inspired music here suffers from repetition. The Lion’s Roar is a pleasant album. It’s dinner party music, sure no to offend. But no chances are taken and easy choices are made.


Taken in chunks the album is beautiful, with heaven-sent voices cooing and calling, drenched in cathedral reverb. But what more? What else can we expect? Should we just throw on that Emmylou record? Or dig out our old Gram Parsons? If anything this is great mixtape music. It’s wine and warm blanket music, dreaming during cold winters about summer nights and motorcycles. It’s wind in your hair and salt on your tongue. But after a while you want a different taste. Something to cleanse the palette. Something that points forward.

~ Jay Cullis

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